A Message from Dr. Larry Hansen, Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad

Hasselblad presents at photokina our new pre-production H5D, the exciting Lunar mirrorless camera, and a determination to bring our passion for photography and supreme quality to a wider audience.

This is my second photokina as Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad. It's the largest photographic trade show in the world, and just being here fills me with tremendous excitement; not only because it is a focal point for meeting many of our partners, distributors and customers, but also because it sets the perfect global stage to showcase and demonstrate our latest advances.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving" (Albert Einstein). Here at Hasselblad we also believe in evolution and in the creation of things of high quality and true beauty.

So you will notice some dramatic changes on our booth this year.

Today we are presenting our new H5D Camera and, in what is a very exciting expansion for us - a brand new mirrorless camera: Lunar. Photographers, who have for decades embraced the Hasselblad ideology, fully understand our lifelong passion for high-end, high-tech innovation, and our mission to provide outstanding quality products.

On visiting our stand, you will see our new and stronger restyled Hasselblad branding, as well as the specially constructed Lunar camera demonstration area, and of course the "Knowledge Bar" for all things medium format. You won't want to miss the catwalk experience and hands-on-shooting opportunity - where everyone can learn about our camera systems and software and experience at first-hand, the quality and technical innovations of our products. There is ample opportunity to explore the 'new' World of Hasselblad, with my team ready to help you get your hands on a Hasselblad - or you can simply chat with us about our recently released new Adobe® Lightroom® 4 tethered solution - or perhaps watch a demo of the dynamic new software and Phocus mobile application. For those wanting to meet some of the world's most accomplished photographers, then I would recommend joining one of our special seminars.

The H5D launch is the latest step in our continued evolution of the best high-end camera system in the world and underpins our commitment to providing the ultimate camera and lenses combinations available today for the professional photographer. The H5D not only sports a new look and upgraded performance and reliability, but is complemented by our comprehensive range of lenses - now extended with a new wide angle HCD 4.8/24 mm lens and a new Macro Converter for excellent close-up performance.

I have long held a desire to enable every fan of the iconic Hasselblad brand to have the opportunity to own one of our cameras. Our mission remains focused on the development of exceptional products at the very top end of the market segments in which we operate. The Lunar camera extends the ongoing partnership and cooperation strategy with leading companies around the world. At the last photokina we launched a partnership with Ferrari - and this year, we welcome Sony. We will work together to cultivate new markets for photo enthusiasts and consumer digital imaging products, whilst offering a state-of-the-art, 'ultimate luxury' mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera, which embraces the traditional Hasselblad iconic and emotional experience, whilst blending with modern stunning Italian design and materials.

With the support of Ventizz Capital Partners, our owner who acquired Hasselblad last year, we have focused on that mission of maintaining and growing our market-leading medium format professional position, and now with new state-of-the-art camera products we will be developing the potential we see in new markets and with new customers. I am delighted to announce an expansion of our organisation with the introduction of a new Hasselblad Design Centre facility in Italy near Venice. This centre of excellence will develop, design and engineer our new products in a truly European collaboration within Hasselblad to grow our market and engage with new segment customers.

You will also see a further expansion in 2013 of new products, which will develop our new ultimate luxury and quality customer segments further. We plan to launch a new DSLR, a new compact camera, and our own line of accessories, bags and tripods.

As important as our determination is to deliver quality photographic solutions and the very best tools for all photographers and enthusiasts, enabling them to capture without compromise or technical limitation, we also care passionately about the reproduction of great images by inspirational image makers. The launch of HTV earlier this year brings this inspirational work to life, and many thousands now follow HTV each month from over 116 different countries.

Images are only truly appreciated when you see them printed. So we decided to launch a new, restyled VICTOR magazine, which we believe demonstrates why photographers choose Hasselblad. The Hasselblad Masters competition, now in its 10th year, continues to see an ever increasing number of entrants, and I'm proud to announce Vol. 3 of the Hasselblad Masters Book - Evoke, with some of the work being displayed here at the photokina exhibition in the "Boulevard of Competitions".

By building, supporting and maintaining relationships with photographers, enthusiasts and commercial partners, we seek to ensure that Hasselblad provides everyone with the tools they need to produce unsurpassed images or simply be able to share in the Hasselblad experience.

Hasselblad's future is bright, thanks to the company's teams of experts who share exactly the same passion for Hasselblad, as our customers and our many admirers. Together we will move forward to create quality solutions and ground breaking beautiful products.

We hope you enjoy photokina and the new Hasselblad.

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